Femin.Ae X Lsa Climate Crisis: Why Climate Action Needs Women

Monday 5th July 6pm

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In the 2021 COP Climate Summit, the leadership team are currently 25% women and 75% men. Women only make up 10 per cent of the highest-ranking jobs at the world’s leading architecture firms, while 16 firms have no women at all in senior positions. How can women influence change when they aren’t invited to the conversation, and how can we change this? 

Synopsis: Why does Climate Action need women? Two student-led groups within the School of Architecture at Liverpool University aim to spark a conversation on how women are most affected by climate change and yet are still in minorities in leadership positions.  

The groups realised the significance of how little this conversation was talked about. Through the symposium, they hope to start a bigger conversation within the university and the profession on how women are impacted more by climate change, but also to turn the narrative around by showing what incredible women within the architecture industry are doing, as well as how we can impact change on a higher level by ensuring there are more women in leadership positions.  

Our special guests for the event are: 

Sarah Wigglesworth MBE 
Director. MA Dip Arch RIBA RDI MBE

Sumita Singha OBE
Fliss Childs
Bianca Pitt
Antoinette Vermilye