Aerial view of Huyton Town centre. CGI buildings are picked out in greys and whites.

Huyton Valued

To help with regeneration of the Huyton village centre, particularly the high street, the project aims to capture local people’s memories, stories and values on buildings and spaces on the high street or in the village centre. It also intends to produce a digital database combining the physical characteristics of the place, its historical transformation and people’s values towards buildings and spaces. The database will be an important tool for heritage management and regeneration strategy-making about the high street and village centre in the future.

Three public participation workshops were delivered in Huyton throughout April, May and June 2023. Local residents and visitors from all age groups and backgrounds were invited to attend. In line with EDI principles, we were particularly interested in hearing from young adults, elderly, people from minority ethnic groups and people with disabilities. By talking about spatial changes and characteristics of the village centre, we engaged in conversations with residents about values they may hold in those spaces.

Please find below the interactive database resulting from the workshops where you can ‘walk’ around the virtual environment of the village centre (operation instruction can be found below) and click the speech bubbles to see/hear people’s memories and stories about the place.  

For more information about the project, please contact Dr Fei Chen ( or Sandy Britton (