LSA Climate Change

LSA and Climate Change

The construction and operation of buildings is responsible for 39% of human greenhouse gas emissions. Decarbonising architecture is one of the biggest challenges our species has ever faced, and Liverpool School of Architecture has brought it to the heart of our research and teaching.

Our first year undergraduate History module is taught through the history of energy and architecture. A rich, research led, Studio programme runs throughout BA and MArch programmes which embeds both research and practice based tutors bringing knowledge directly from practice and projects which address local, national and global scenarios. Thesis dissertations research analyse and postulate scenarios and present primary and secondary research in (often award winning) written form. Our longstanding one-year MSc programme, Climate Resilience and Environmental Sustainability in Architecture (CRESTA), is taught by Academic staff from the ESTA (Environment, Sustainability and Technology in Architecture) research group. Members of ESTA are also involved PHD supervision, research led teaching across the school and research tackling low and zero carbon architecture, life cycle analysis and operational and embodied carbon in sustainable design and the impact of climate change on building performance.

LSA Climate Crisis, is one of LSA’s proactive student groups which provides an excellent platform for student voice and activity. LSA welcomes and facilitates their activity as a valuable part of LSA community. LSA Climate Crisis group @architectureforchange in the two years since formation, have welcomed guest speakers to the school, hosted symposia, actively engaged with Cop 26 and were the instigators of the Carbon Counts exhibition coming to LSA .

From technical and design solutions, to climate justice, and the cultural and historical understanding of the Climate Emergency, staff and students are at the forefront of climate action.

Architecture: From Prehistory to Climate Emergency by Barnabas Calder

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Zero Carbon Research Institute

The Environment, Sustainability and Technology in Architecture (ESTA) Research Group

Climate Resilience and Environmental Sustainability in Architecture (CRESTA) MSc